How to Join

     Divers have two options when joining our program. Please see the options below!

Option #1: Join Team as

Foundations of Diving Group Member 


The first option for joining the team is to become a Foundations of Diving team member. Divers in this group join us two days per week (2 d/w) for 1 hour each. One lesson is in our Dryland facility and one lesson is held in the water at the Bolles School. Cost per month is $120. 


The focus of our FOD program is to teach the divers basic take off (leaving the board) and entry into the water. Building a strong foundation around these skills sets the diver up for success in our higher level training group.

Option #2: Introduction to Diving Lesson


The second option is to do an Intro to Diving lesson with one of our coaches. This lesson consists of one hour in the Dryland facility and one hour in the pool, back-to-back, where the diver learns the curriculum for the Foundations of Diving at a faster pace, one on one with a coach. The cost is $125.


The focus of the lesson is to provide the potential diver an opportunity to try out the sport, become familiar with the skills in the FOD program, and to allow the coach(es) an opportunity to assess the divers current skill level and determine which group the potential diver would fit in the best.


This lesson is available to anyone interested and is a very popular option for athletes with prior gymnastics, cheer, TNT, or other type ariel training.

How to Register

Option #1: Select FOD

Option #2: Select Intro to Diving


  Payments are collected via Credit Card/Debit Card through our online registration host, Club Assistant. Tuition is billed at the beginning of each month and is automatically withdrawn each month. Cancellation of billing is due 15 days prior to the diver's last workout. Any and all late payments will be assessed a $25 late fee. Tuition prorates are based on start date.


   Any diver joining the team after the 15th of the month will be prorated for 1/2 the month. Full payment will be due for the next full month.


   Any diver choosing to leave the team will need to provide cancellation in writing via email 15 days prior to the month of cancellation. Any notice received after the 15th will be charged for the following month.

Sibling Discount

   Families with more than one child on the team will receive a sibling discount. The first sibling will receive 10% off each month. The second sibling will receive 20% off each month.

Invite your Friends!

   Divers who refer 2 friends to the team will receive one month's free tuition! Invite your friends to practice for a free trial lesson and when you have two (2) friends sign up and pay for their first month of diving, you will receive one (1) month FREE!!

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