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Team Handbook

  In the column to the left you will find the 2021 Team Handbook! The handbook includes information regarding AAU & USA Membership, Team Policies and Procedures, Meets and Competitions, Apparel, and more.


     Divers in our program start by learning the most basic skills necessary to progress to harder, more complex dives. Most Divers begin in our Learn to Dive fundamentals class to learn the basics of diving including jumps, line ups, hurdles, safety, dive positions and directions and much more! After the LTD group diver's move to the Future Champions Tier 1 Group.

     Future Champion divers have the opportunity to compete state wide in numerous US Diving meets. When the Future Champion diver has mastered the basic skills, he/she will progress to the Junior Olympic level, also known as JO. In the JO group, divers will compete in US Diving championship meets. Divers over the age of 18 and those who qualify with the required dives will move to the Senior group.


  Payments are collected via Credit Card/Debit Card through our online registration host, Club Assistant. Tuition is billed at the beginning of each month and is automatically withdrawn each month. Cancellation of billing is due 15 days prior to the diver's last workout. Any and all late payments will be assessed a $25 late fee.


   Any diver joining the team after the 15th of the month will be prorated for 1/2 the month. Full payment will be due for the next full month.



   Any diver choosing to leave the team will need to provide cancellation in writing via email 15 days prior to the month of cancellation. Any notice received after the 15th will be charged for the following month.


Discounts and Promotions

Sibling Discount

   Families with more than one child on the team will receive a sibling discount. The first sibling will receive 10% off each month. The second sibling will receive 20% off each month.

Invite your Friends!

   Divers who refer 2 friends to the team will receive one month's free tuition! Invite your friends to practice for a free trial lesson and when you have two (2) friends sign up and pay for their first month of diving, you will receive one (1) month FREE!!

Group Me App

   As most of you know, Florida weather can be unpredictable, especially in the afternoons. We have started an ACD Team Group on the GroupMe App. This app allows the coaches to send a message directly to every member notifiying them of any practice location changes or cancellations.

   You may download the app to make it easier or you can just receive regular SMS messages from the app.

   We do ask that Coaches only post notices on the app, as every member can see the message thread. If you have any questions or comments you need to discuss with the coaches, please email or message them direclty instead of using the app.


** It has come to my attention that to continue to receive messages through the GroupMe App you must respond to the Team thread or GroupMe will consider you inactive and discontinue sending messages. You may tap the "heart" button to the right of the message to indicate you have seen the message and remain active in the thread. Thanks!!**

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