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We are excited to announce the opening of our new Dryland Facility! Our facility consists of 4 dryboards, 2 trampolines, 1 spotting rig over dryboard, and 1000 sq. ft. of spring floor as well as workout equipment including treadmills, elipticals, free weights, and machines.


   Divers of all ages and skill levels are welcome and encouraged to participate in our dryland workouts. With our spotting equipment, we are able to have a hands on approach when teaching dives, insuring safe execution and muscle memory of each dive before attempting execution in the water.


   Come check out our new facility at 6028 Bowdendale Ave, Jacksonville, Fl. 32216. Practice times are located on the current practice schedule. Pease feel free to contact Coach Courtney for more information.

The Bolles School

The Bolles School is located at 7400 San Jose Blvd. This is our main water training facility in Jacksonville. The pool hosts two 1 meter diving boards as well as a dryboard and pit mat with an over head spotting rig.

Additional Training Locations

Morcom Aquatic Center - Tallahassee, Fl.

During the months of October, November, and December, the team will be taking trips to Tallahassee to train at FSU's Morcom Aquatic Center. 


This facility offers an on-deck dryland area complete with two trampolines and two dryboards, two 1-meters, two 3-meters, and a full Platform, in-groud hot tub, heated water, and a sparger system (Bubbles!).


The team will tavel on select Saturdays or Sundays. Please check the team practice schedule for exact dates and times. Divers are responsible for travel to and from Tallahassee. Divers may carpool to keep travel costs down.


Make sure you let Coach Courtney know if you are planning on attending any of these practices!

Moss Farms Aquatic Center - Moultrie, Ga.

    Atlantic Coast Diving has the opportunity to train at the Moss Farms Aquatic Center in Moultrie, Ga. All divers are invited to travel with the team on selected Saturdays for an extra practice.


   The Moss Farms pool has 4 one meter boards, 4 three meter boards, a full set of towers, spotting belts over the 1 meter, a full dryland center with 2 trampolines and 2 dryboards as well as a spring floor and 1 meter diving board into a foam pit. 

O'Connell Center - Gainesville, Fl.

    Atlantic Coast Diving has the opportunity to train at the Univeristy of Florida's main training facility at the O'Connell Center in Gainesville, Fl. All divers are invited to travel with the team on selected Saturdays or Sundays for an extra practice.


   The O'Connell Center pool has 2 one meter boards, 2 three meter boards, and 5 & 10 meter platforms. Practices will be scheduled on an as needed basis. Fees are dependant upon how many divers attend each workout.

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