2013 Bolles Bulldog Invitational Results

Congratulations to all of the ACD Divers who competed in the 2013 Bolles Bulldog Invitational!


6th: Miranda Goss, 222.30 Mandarin

7th: Layne Cote, 221.95 Fletcher

8th: Deana Sease, 221.20 Fletcher

11th: Grace Mathis, 195.85 Bolles

13th: Meg Barnhorst, 193.50 Ponte Vedra

14th: Isabella Polverine, 189.35 Atlantic Coast

16th: Kelbie Dern, 186.95 Mandarin

17th: Shayna Berndt, 178.55 Fletcher

22nd: Tai-Tai Scherer, 159.85 Bolles

26th: Autumn Page, 144.20 Terry Parker

30th: Hailey Ibach, 123.45 Episcopal


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