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    We have team suit's, t-shirt's, Men’s and Women’s polo's, girls and boys short's, team jacket's, parkas, chamois, towels, hats, and much more! Divers are required to purchase a team suit, t-shirt, and jacket. The coaches recommend purchasing more than one t-shirt as some meets we will be attending require more than one day of competition. Team suits come in adult and youth sizes. All other gear is optional.


   Parents please feel free to get polo's, t-shirts, and jackets for your family, friends, and yourself. We would love to see everyone representing the divers and the team by wearing our team gear! Please indicate the quantity, size, color, and fit. Please log in to your divers membership page to place apparel orders and pay.


Savannah & Jess in custom Mrs. Dawn Suits

2016-2017 Team Suits from Mrs. Dawn at Springboard Fashion


    With the start of the new 2016-2017 Season, we will be ordering new team suits from Mrs. Dawn at Springboard Fashion! We will have custom designs for both Future Champions Team Suits and Pre-JO/Junior Olympic Team Suits below. We will be placing our team order in October to ensure that all divers have their competition suit before our season begins on December 3rd with the YCF Christmas Invitational. If you have any questions, contact Coach Courtney.


To check out other custom suits by Mrs. Dawn!

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Parka's and Chamois

   The cooler weather will be here soon and many of you might be interested in purchasing parka's and chamois for your divers. These are two very important items to have to stay warm during our water practices. Parka's come in sizes XXS, XS, S, M, & L and cost $125 plus tax.


   We have teal chamois available at the dryland for $10 each or you can order a blue, yellow, and pink chamois for $15.


To place an apparel order, please contact Coach Courtney for more information!


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