Future Champions Tier 2

Levels 5-8

Future Champions Tier 2 divers are not only practicing basic diving skills but they have moved into basic dives called Voluntaries and are working towards more complicated dives called Optionals. Divers in this group practice 3 days per week and classes are 2 hours long. Tier 2 divers are eligible for our In-House meets, AAU Intermediate meets, and USA Future Champions Meets.

Future Champions Classes consist of:

30 Min – Stretching, Exercise, & Drills
1 1/2 Hr. – Diving

Developmental Level Requirements

Level 5: 7 dives… 3 skills, 2 voluntary dives, 2 optional dives of different groups

Level 6: 7 dives… 2 skills, 3 voluntary dives, 2 optional dives of different groups

Level 7: 7 dives… 1 skill, 3 voluntary dives, 3 optional dives of different groups

Level 8: 7 dives… 0 skills, 4 voluntary dives, 3 optional dives of different groups

Skill Bank

100 A, B, C
200 A, B, C
5301, 5102, 5303, 5104, 5201, 5203, 5205  A, B, C  (These are jumps with degrees of twist)
001 ANY 
002 ANY
Platform: 611A, 6111A, 621A, 6211A

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Important Dates

Winter 2023


5th:First Practice of 2023

21st: Bolles practice moved to Dryland


4th: Bolles practice moved to Dryland

9th-12th: Coral Springs Invite, Coral Springs, Fl.

25th: Wellington Invite, Plantation, Fl. 


3rd-5th: Moose Moss Invite, Moultrie, Ga. 

23rd-26th: Big Carolina Invite, Huntersville, NC


Spring 2023


7th-9th: Bolles Closed

8th: Bolles practice moved to Dryland

9th: Easter - No Practice

13th-16th: Blue South Qualifier, Orlando

14th-15th: Nexgen Invite, Stuart

28th-29th: Plantation Invite

29th: Bolles practice moved to Dryland


4th-7th: USA Region 3 Champs, Ft. Lauderdale 

26th-29th: AAU Red, White, and Blue Nationals, Orlando 27th: Bolles practice moved to Dryland


Summer 2023


2nd-3rd: Rip10 Invite, Stuart

5th: First Day of Summer Schedule/Practices

15th-18th: USA Zone B Champs, Orlando

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