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Age: 15
Grade: 10
School: Terry Parker HS
Parents: Roger & Corlisa

I started diving my freshman year at the encouragement of my high school swim coach and have enjoyed ever since.  Later that year, I joined ACD and hope to continue diving after high school while in college.  I have an older sister named Summer and a German shepherd dog named Sarge.  I am in the IB Program at school and my favorite subject is T.V. Production.  Sports that I play outside of diving are cheerleading, volleyball, gymnastics, and track (shot-put). My favorite dives are the inward dive, inward one, reverse dive, reverse one, front dive, and front one. Diving goals that I want to accomplish is getting more height off the board and start working on my doubles and I ½’s.

Name: Annie Thanner

Age: 14
Grade: 8
School: Bolles
Parents: Shari & Chris
I have played USTA Tennis for the past 6 years and did gymnastics and dance the years before tennis. I just started diving in December 2012 and am very excited to continue. My older sister rows crew and my younger brother plays baseball, basketball, and football. Aside from diving, I play guitar and have been playing since I was 9. I love cats, especially my cat Baby Kitty. My favorite subject in school is English; I love to read and write. The beach is my favorite place to be during the summer and I enjoy Florida weather unlike the rest of my family. I can't wait to work hard and improve in diving!

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Important Dates

Winter 2023


5th:First Practice of 2023

21st: Bolles practice moved to Dryland


4th: Bolles practice moved to Dryland

9th-12th: Coral Springs Invite, Coral Springs, Fl.

25th: Wellington Invite, Plantation, Fl. 


3rd-5th: Moose Moss Invite, Moultrie, Ga. 

23rd-26th: Big Carolina Invite, Huntersville, NC


Spring 2023


7th-9th: Bolles Closed

8th: Bolles practice moved to Dryland

9th: Easter - No Practice

13th-16th: Blue South Qualifier, Orlando

14th-15th: Nexgen Invite, Stuart

28th-29th: Plantation Invite

29th: Bolles practice moved to Dryland


4th-7th: USA Region 3 Champs, Ft. Lauderdale 

26th-29th: AAU Red, White, and Blue Nationals, Orlando 27th: Bolles practice moved to Dryland


Summer 2023


2nd-3rd: Rip10 Invite, Stuart

5th: First Day of Summer Schedule/Practices

15th-18th: USA Zone B Champs, Orlando

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