How to register for diving meets!

     We are very excited to have your diver join us for competitions. There are a few steps you will need to take before your diver can register for the upcoming diving meet.


    Every diver will need an AAU or USA Diving membership as well as a free profile. For information on how to register please see the infomation below!


If you have any questions or run into any problems please be sure to email Coach Courtney!

     All divers planning on competing in any diving meets with Atlantic Coast Diving will need to set up a profile on All profiles are free and easy to use!


    You will need your AAU and USA Diving membership numbers when you sign up for your free profile, so make sure you register with AAU and USA Diving first and keep a record of your individual membership numbers.


    DiveMeets is the most advanced and comprehensive Diving Management System in the world. DiveMeets is the system other programs try to copy. They continue to lead the way and are always moving forward creating new, exciting and often revolutionary concepts for the diving community.


Ways DiveMeets Has Improved The Pre Meet Experience:

The DiveMeets system is unique. DiveMeets pre meet innovations are too many to list but here are a few:

■Generate an interactive online list of upcoming DiveMeets
■Allow divers to click on an upcoming meet and register for the meet online in real-time.
■Automatically check age eligibility in real-time
■Automatically check gender eligibility in real-time
■Automatically check dive sheets for rules compliance in real-time
■Automatically check the divers current membership status for organizations including United States Diving and AAU Diving in real-time
■Provide secure real-time online entry fee payment for meets with entry fees
■Filter to allow only eligible divers to enter meets that do not have entry fees (example NCAA meets)
■Instantly show the divers name and dive sheet online as soon as the diver enters a meet
■Accept electronic signatures for drug testing and registration forms for selected Meets

Amateur Athletic Union

The AAU Membership year runs from September 1st to August 31st.


1) Visit

2) Select the Youth Individual Membership extended coverage (AB): $16.

3) Atlantic Coast Diving Jax: Club Code WW357Y

USA Diving

Athletes of all ages and abilities can join USA Diving at various levels.


Competitive Limited: $12
Divers with a Competitive Limited membership can participate in camps, clinics, lessons, and closed leagues. If a limited member diver wishes to compete in a USA Diving meet, he or she can upgrade the membership to Competitive Blue or Competitive Gold.


Competitive Blue: $20
With a Competitive Blue membership, athletes can participate in association and invitational meets, as well as Future Champions meets. An athlete will also need to satisfy the eligibility requirements for a particular meet.


Competitive Gold: $75
A Competitive Gold membership allows for athlete participation in Region, Zone, and National Championships, as well as Competitive Blue meets. (An athlete will also need to satisfy the eligibility requirements for a particular meet. Competitive Gold members age 21 or older may also compete in Masters competition.)


1) Click USA Diving

2) Select the Competitive Blue Membership Level
3) Please register your individual membership under: Atlantic Coast Diving Club Id #: 31007


Athlete Membership Benefits

USA Diving athlete members of all levels receive the following benefits:
 Access to Members Only webpage, including the directory, meeting minutes, National Training Center information and educational materials
 15% discount off books and videos from Human Kinetics
 Optional online classes offered through Human Kinetics
 Membership card (online)
 Sports Accident insurance for all supervised registered practices of USA Diving member clubs and for all USA Diving sanctioned events. This coverage is secondary to any other primary insurance you might have and will pay up to a maximum benefit of $25,000 subject to a Deductible and other terms and conditions. To learn more about insurance, please visit our insurance page.

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